Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 9: Athens (ACG campus)

After such a busy schedule of touring and excursions, the students earned a late start this morning with classes starting at 2PM. Today's schedule was a combination of 2 lectures and a Discussion. Campus is still beautiful. The quiet of the pine trees seems very remote from the commotion of urban Athens and its chaotic streets.

Today was rather hot and humid with temps reaching into the upper 90s. Coming from New England, where the temperatures are milder, many students were not responding well to the unseasonably warm Summer. Even in the Faculty Lounge where I take my lunch alongside other ACG professors, they commented on the heat. Thus after lecture, we reconvened for discussion at the pool. It was a nice and spontaneious change of pace that everyone enjoyed!

 The Discussion Group: today we discussed Rome's military conquest of Greece, but also the impact of Greek culture on ancient Romans. The breeze of the pool was a welcome relief.

 The pool
Derek prepares himself for a dip after discussion.

When was all was said and done at 5PM we all went the local student coffeehouse for a light refreshment. I am still amazed at how fast locals can make backgammon moves here in Greece.

Tomorrow morning we all travel to the Roman Forum and then hold lecture/discussion somewhere in the Plaka before the Finals.

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