Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 8: Delphi

Today we all ventured the 3.5 hour ride to the site of Delphi, with the Oracle and Temple of Apollo and the adjacent tourist/ski resort town of Arachova.

The ride to Delphi was rather early and many on the SAG 2012 crew had yet to wake up. Once there, however, everyone was very keen to see with their own eyes the Temple and its numerous religious shrines that built up in the Greco-Roman world for over 5,000 years. (There is evidence of cult worship at the Bronze Age levels, but mostly in the Archaic and Classical/Roman periods.)

First we viewed the museum where numerous famous works of art and monumental sculptures are housed.

 Here our guide Elena gives us an introductory tour with a recreation of the entire site.

 The top of the Sphinx monument. This stood on top of a column 12.5 meters high (~40 feet) and dedicated by people from the island of Naxos

An early5th century white ground kylix by an unknown Athenian painter showing a woman playing the lyre (Apollo's instrument) with Apollo represented by the crow.

A painted pediment decoration

The famed Charioteer of Delphi, also known as Heniokhos (the rein-holder),

The entire SAG 2012 class learning about the intricacies of lost wax bronze casting

We then got to view the site itself.Here we walked up the "Sacred Way" to the highest point, viewing such notable remains as the Roman Forum, the Treasury of the Athenians, which houses the spoils of the Battle of Marathon, and the Temple of Delphi with its adjacent theater.

 Derek and Kate in the Roman Forum

 The SAG 2012 crew at Delphi

 Derek asks a question of our guide Elena in front of the "Treasury of the Athenians," a monument to Marathon.

Director Spanier surveys the approach to the Temple of Apollo

 (from left to right) Heather, and the Hollai at the Temple of Apollo

 Heather next to a triglyph from the Temple of Apollo  (for scale)

Then we all boarded the bus and our driver Petros (great guy) drove us to Arachova, where we supped on a delicious lunch. This beautiful Medieval town is full of cute shops and very popular for skiing in the winter. The entire town is cut into terraces of the mountain of Parnassos
 (courtesy of Kate Shanteler)
  (courtesy of Kate Shanteler)
  (courtesy of Kate Shanteler)
 (courtesy of Kate Shanteler)

Here we are with the town in the background.

Tomorrow is a 1/2 Free Day and then 3 hours of lecture/discussion

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