Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 3: Athens and the Acropolis

We were all very excited to see the Acropolis yesterday. Many said that they had waited years to be here amidst the ruins of Athens' most sacred mountain. It was crowded, yes. But we were able to get some very nice photos of various buildings. Our tour guide, Maria, was very charming and had some good things to say about the history and culture of Greece both ancient and modern.

 Here students from UMass Lowell's Study Abroad Greece 2012 program peer down on the Herodes Atticus Theater (our guide Maria in the foreground)

Jackie and Lucas share a moment

 Here is Kate in her "cool aviators" before they broke.

Director Spanier pontificating as we enter the Acropolis

AJ looking stoic in front of the Propylaea

 Students in front of Nike Athena Temple looking across to the Pynx

 The Erectheion

Our guide Maria telling the SAG 2012 crew a story about the Erectheion

 The Erectheion (north side)

The Parthenon

Here we all are, the UMass Lowell Study Abroad Greece 2012 crew. (from left to right)
(Jeremiah "AJ" Arsenault, Heather Garoufalis, Lucas Boyans-Hahn, Jackie Smith, Derek Winslow, Holly Bonarrigo, Peter Stone, Kate Shanteler, Ethan Spanier (Director) and Holly Bowers.

We were all famished when we came down from the Acropolis, so we went to lunch at a touristy taverna near the Acro. Museum. Salads and meats all around.

The Acropolis Museum was also very interesting. As you approach the entrance, the floor is transparent and one can peer down to the ruins of Athens from the 6th century CE (Late Antique Period.)
(courtesy of Peter Stone)

The first floor holds famous sculpture found in Athens (Kritios Boy, Pensive Athena, Kore Peplophoros) We then stopped and took coffee on the 2nd floor where a balcony overlooks the Acropolis itself. (We sat inside to get out of the heat.) The museum has many nice touches, not least of which is that the top floor that holds the famous decorative sculptures is designed in the same size and orientation as the Parthenon itself. The brief movie was also informative.

(courtesy of Peter Stone)

Heather, Kate and Director Spanier look at a scale model of the Parthenon


 (courtesy of Peter Stone)

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