Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 2: Athens

We had our first day of lectures this afternoon and because we are cramming 43 contact hours into just 2 weeks and spoke for 3 straight hours. My voice is somewhat hoarse. No technological hiccups (except lack of AC in classroom.)

The campus here at ACG is almost indescribably beautiful. More than just the natural beauty of the physical surroundings, especially the mountain that cradles the campus. The facility is remarkable; many SAG students took advantage of the double-sized Olympic swimming pool once lecture was finished. But even just walking around campus, it is so pleasant to be in a thriving campus where you hear all these different languages being spoken and see students exchanging ideas in and around the center of learning, not a commuter campus like UML South. It reminds me more of Berkeley or UW.

Very very successful meetings with faculty here ALL of whom wish to collaborate with the UMass Lowell's Study Abroad Greece for the 2013 program. So many good ideas about how to shape next year's curriculum. We are leaning towards my Ancient History in Film class for next year. Also, was "taken" out to lunch today. Faculty here at ACG all get free lunch provided in the Faculty Lounge, I think they will permit me to partake in future.

We go to the Acropolis next--more on that later.

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