Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 11: Athens, ACG Campus and the surrounding area

Once the lectures and the touring were finished on Thursday afternoon, students spent most of that night and the morning of the following day prepping for the Final, each in their own way.

We all agreed to meet at the Starbucks on ACG campus at 2PM, but the noise of the other students preparing for their finals prompted us to migrate to the Cafiene Coffeeshop at the front of campus. Here students took refreshments and we discussed both the entire course, and the readings. We also spent some time reflecting back on the entire SAG 2012 experience and openly chatted about what worked and what did not. Overall, it would be very accurate to say that everyone had a very positive experience and all gave useful feedback to help shape the Study Abroad Greece Progeram for the years to come.

As not all of our numbers attended the Final, I decided to have students write their papers once back in the US and gave them each a handout on the criteria for the Final Essay. We leave in a few days (just after the National Elections on the 17th) and will miss the unique nature that is Greece!

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