Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This special offering of HIST 390 is a two-week intensive class that combines traditional teaching with interactive tours of Athens and Delphi. We will read Greek and Roman historians in translation while visiting the very locations they discuss in their texts. This program, offered by the Office of Study Abroad and International Experience in conjunction with the UML History Department and the UML Hellenic Studies Center, employs a new teaching method called “experiential learning” that engages the student by combining academic discussions while experiencing first hand important historical locations and artifacts.

To satisfy the 3-credit course load, this intensive class will provide over 40 hours of classroom and “experiential learning” within nine days of instruction. Each day is divided into two sessions: an AM session and a PM session, with each session consisting of 3 hours of instruction. On particular days, the class will spend half or all of a day touring locations in and around Athens while engaging in intellectual and pedagogical learning. 

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